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The Gatlinburlier PipeCam
The pipes you see below are hanging on our pipe wall at the Mountin Mall in Gatlinburg, TN. Right now. These are them. A webcam is feeding its image to this page. Neat, huh?
This Page is EXPERIMENTAL We are using DHTML Layers, CSS behaviors, Perl, Gif's, Jpegs, and a bunch of other abbreviations to make this happen. We have tested with several systems and while everything seems to work pretty well, there may still be some bugs. If you have problems or suggestions you can email us here. And as always, should you receive the wrong pipe in the mail, we will gladly trade it out for the right one.
Click on one of the pipes below to go to a purchase page.

P1 pipes are $49.95

P2 pipes are $49.95

P3 pipes are $44.95

P4 pipes are $44.95